April 09, 2015

Music rediscovered...

Okay, some time back, I stumbled on a torrent for Deus Ex Sonic Augmentation from OCRemix.  I just learned today that they have released multiple albums of songs over the years.  Went on a downloading spree.

Humans and Gears, Super Metroid - REserve Tank, Wild ARMs: ARMED and Dangerous...

The music!!! Oh the cycling music!!

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April 04, 2015


Started cycling this last week again.  Realized that 312 lbs was just the wrong way to be living.  I've known this for some time, and have hovered around the 290 mark for the last couple of years, but it jumped up twenty pounds in the last eight months.  Nope, I'm done.  I promised myself years ago it wouldn't get this bad and I turned around and let it get that bad.  I had a couple of rides where I couldn't even make it a mile, but as I ride every day, I'm pushing it just a little further.  Managed to put in a five mile ride in this afternoon with a small mid ride break.  Hoping to be doing twenty to thirty by midsummer.

Benefits:  I'm already sleeping better a night on any day I exercise and I've found my troubleshooting has been going better at the helpdesk I work at. 

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