March 27, 2013

Hunter's notes, day eight

I cant claim too much progress with the Hunter's Guild as of late, but I have been actively hunting Great Jaggi for practice.  I don't completely understand it, but I hate to fail a hunt.  The penalties for failing are basically you lose your deposit on the quest, which is 100 to 500z depending.  So I shouldn't be worried too much.  Equipment doesn't degrade, you don't lose inventory items.  So why do I fear failure in this game while working on the kill and capture hunts?

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March 24, 2013

Hunter's notes, day five...

I will post more explanation later, but in short, im still using the lance as my favored weapon while hunting.  I have managed to down a Great Jaggi with only a little trouble.  Learned to create potions today which should help in hunting monsters.  Still struggling with the pacing of the game and controls, but enjoying it too.

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March 21, 2013

Sam and the dragon...

My seven year old daughter, Samantha continues to surprise me. I had pre-ordered Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate when I got our Wii-U, and it finally came in. After she first expressed a wish to hug the dragon portrayed on the cover, I explained what the game was about. She gave me her favorite 'Dad, stop pulling my leg' face for a minute then sat back and watched.


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