April 28, 2013

Mage knight solo conquest

I spent two hours this morning playing a solo conquest in Mage Knight the board game.  I took Tovak into the world of Atlantea, and used Nighthawk as the dummy player. It was an interesting run overall. more...

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April 20, 2013

Mage Knight: Practicing so I can teach it..

I've been playing the Walkthrough scenario of Mage Knight the Board Game several times this week as several of my friends want me to teach it to them.  I'm still very impressed by this game.  By using a deck of sixteen base cards, I'm expected to conquer a territory in just a few rounds (anywhere from four to six rounds, each round having multiple turns.)  I explore new tiles, recruit units to help me, descend into dark dungeons and ruins, and if it suits me, sack monastaries, mage towers, and keeps for powerful artifacts and spells.  To be honest, at this point I have not successfully defeated a power city yet, which defeating two of them is the goal of the basic conquest scenario.  I've managed to learn how to get around, but learning what a great hand for attacking, or even a good hand, still eludes me at this point.  The upside is that I want to keep learning.  I've not even seen half of the advanced skills nor have I used a spell card once yet. There are still a lot of play options I haven't even attempted yet.  Time to go explore Atlantea again!

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