January 15, 2016

Mega Man: The Boardgame

Another long outstanding Kickstarter reward rolled in yesterday.  The Blue Bomber himself made an appearance on my doorstep and after a single play, I am intrigued.

I was never very good at Mega Man and Mega Man 2  on the NES as a pre-teen, but loved playing through the levels.  Getting through Dr. Wiley's castle though usually resulted in me watching a friend play it.

When I heard JASCO Games was heading up a Kickstarter to make a board game around Mega Man, I bit.  Pictures and thoughts below the break.

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January 04, 2016

Android Netrunner, deckbuilding, and competitive play.

There have been many posts in the Android Netrunner Facebook group about changes to the tournament.  I hadn't read any of the new rulings posted to Fantasy Flight Games website until today.

And now I am sad.  

(Lots of game and card discussion to follow.)


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