June 26, 2012

Raiding is still fun.

I've been a World of Warcraft player for almost six years now (might be seven, not sure,) as a member/founder of The Looters Guild on Earthen Ring.  We are fortunate enough to have a guild just large enough to maintain at least two regular ten man raid groups.  A fair number of people would be extremely tired of the week-in, week-out attendance of raids just to throw yourself at the same content over and over, and I've seen people who have decided they've had enough.  I'm still largely content with it.  I like the people I raid with (in both raid groups.) I like the group challenge it provides. It has up days and down, and I've had to skip just for my own mental health sometimes, but for now, I'm still in on WoW End Game raiding.

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April 30, 2010

Halo Reach Beta

Most assuredly people are already playing now, as I am seeing various codes going out on twitter, facebook and other social media sites.  Good for them.  I feel no need to compete just to be able to play 2 days early.  I have my ODST disk and I look forward to the beta. 

I expect to find a mix of Halo and Tribes gameplay there.  I'm not expecting the high flying, ground skiing of Tribes, but I do look forward to the classes and gear customization that those games from Dynamix brought us.  The big thing I want it matchmaking for Firefight mode.  I *love* Firefight/Horde mode (from their respective games) and had only stopped playing ODST because I couldn't find any friends to shoot baddies with.

I will probably also dip my feet into the competitive multiplayer waters, but it is unlikely that I will do well.  Thanks to a combination of carpal tunnel (sp?) and work + family, I can't invest the time to get really good at multiplayer shooters.  Though, as long as I don't get yelled at by teammates for not being top of the roster, or listening to how 'gay' I am for the same reason, I'll still enjoy playing against people.

More to come as I get to play.

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