April 30, 2010

Halo Reach Beta

Most assuredly people are already playing now, as I am seeing various codes going out on twitter, facebook and other social media sites.  Good for them.  I feel no need to compete just to be able to play 2 days early.  I have my ODST disk and I look forward to the beta. 

I expect to find a mix of Halo and Tribes gameplay there.  I'm not expecting the high flying, ground skiing of Tribes, but I do look forward to the classes and gear customization that those games from Dynamix brought us.  The big thing I want it matchmaking for Firefight mode.  I *love* Firefight/Horde mode (from their respective games) and had only stopped playing ODST because I couldn't find any friends to shoot baddies with.

I will probably also dip my feet into the competitive multiplayer waters, but it is unlikely that I will do well.  Thanks to a combination of carpal tunnel (sp?) and work + family, I can't invest the time to get really good at multiplayer shooters.  Though, as long as I don't get yelled at by teammates for not being top of the roster, or listening to how 'gay' I am for the same reason, I'll still enjoy playing against people.

More to come as I get to play.

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