April 28, 2013

Mage knight solo conquest

I spent two hours this morning playing a solo conquest in Mage Knight the board game.  I took Tovak into the world of Atlantea, and used Nighthawk as the dummy player. It was an interesting run overall.  My first couple of turns were very boring, with me hitting a crystal mine, defeating a pair of orcs, and hiring some Thugs.my first level up, i claimed Fire Bolt from the advanced action offer for its ranged attack and ability to put red crystals in my bag.

I kept exploring along and in the middle of the first night, i conquered a keep. I fought a few monsters near the keep, and having the extra card was great.  By the end of day two i had not yet found a city, so i pushed forward on night two and revealed the White City.  On one site there were four forest hexes to pass through, and on the other was a draconum.

I diverged by clearing out a mage tower and a ruin, gaining wings of flight spell and four crystals for defeating two orcs.  I also had recruited some fire mages to my side.  Unfirtunately, by this time i had one night left to defeat both cities.  I managed to use wings of flight to get between the cities, but then couldnt draw a nice attack hand for the white city before end of round was declared.  Sadly it was a loss, at 67 points.

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