October 06, 2011

Media match ups.

There is a moment in watching tv... No, that's not right by current standards. Consuming media? Let's stick with enjoy a show.  There is a moment in which you realize that those are characters out there.  They stop being real people as their characters and they start being people playing characters. It's this moment where you sit back and stop paying attention to the plot. Your brain freezes and loops around the fact that edge of the screen has fallen away and you can see the grips, gaffers, electricians, makeup artists, and various and sundry staff on the sides. This moment occurred for me while watching the Fifth Doctor.  A random synapse fired, linking this absurdly dressed scientist in an impossible box, to a foaling barn deep in the farmlands of England.  What made it even more surreal was that I had been watching several episodes on PBS since the new Doctor had arrived...err...regenerated, and hadn't made the mental link up yet. To me it was downright stunning! Here he was, 'without a single how'd you do' as I've heard it said on various Brit Coms over the years.  The only thing I could think of when my sister walked in on that Sunday afternoon to see me giggling like a madman at the little black and white tv was "its a shame he wasn't a doctor in both series." (I think that was the moment she may have decided she didn't understand her twin teen brother anymore, but that's conjecture at this point.) I've seen Peter Davison in many other shows over the years.  Heck, I just watched one I hadn't seen before this morning called "The Last Detective". Last is used in the form of 'he was last in line.' here, and I've found that it can be carried forward to another thought.  I've found it very hard to unlink that revelation of actor vs character from him.  I found myself examining how he had changed over the years.  Where does the character of D.C. "Dangerous" Davies end? What part of the role, aside from his general appearance and voice is his? Are actors these people ever split in two by their roles? It leaves me with a lot of questions about why I watch what I watch, or what actors I end up following their career.  It also leaves me asking why we might become enamored or obsessed with various figures in the media.  Either way, a good mystery story has led into a wonderful line of thought on our media oriented culture.  Guess I'll just have to go  consume more  media on the issue!

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