March 07, 2016

Camping at Tyler State Park

My wife wanted to go camping this week as an experiment to see how we liked it as a family.  I had done a lot of camping as a Boy Scout, but not much as an adult.  We had gone on trips with her family when there was a Winnebago Minnie Winne available for people to sleep in, but this time it was a shelter site at the state park.  

I couldn't say no.  I am at a point where I will leap at any change in routine to get me off my keister and out exercising.  So we loaded up the van and went.

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What kind of relationship do Orga and Mika have?

"Not Yet Home" has an interesting encounter between the two. Mika was almost a demon... no, that's not right.  Frequently in the series, there have been brief flashback images to an event in their past involving the killing of another person. It's heavily alluded to in both the ED and OP of the early episodes as well as during the show. With today's episode though, Mika approached Orga and demanded direction on who to kill, what to destroy, as a way to get Orga out of his funk from the events of the previous two episodes.  It was so strong and direct, it painted Mika in a much different light from the quiet figure we have seen of him outside the cockpit.  It reminded me of several different character tropes from fantasy novels where there are berserkers or strong fighters that intentionally enter slavery to someone so that they can make use of their powers and still have a rational focus to their use.

I want to know more of their history.  I want to know if this is Barbados and the A-V system amplifying this, or if this was something more deep seated in Mika's psyche.  

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