July 12, 2014

Ghost in the smartphone?

On a slightly more somber note, I'm starting to think there is a ghost in the machine. Or at least, I'm learning we leave a bigger digital footprint behind us than I have expected. I keep finding  the name of a friend who passed away several years ago from ALS listed in my phone contacts, favorites, and messages thanks to various information services auto linking things on my phone.

Scrolling contact list,
Your name appears many years later.
Lifetime remembered.

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iOS Tales of Phantasia pulled?

Well, it looks like Namco Bandai (who's name has changed recently) has decided to remove Tales of Phantasia from the iTunes App Store.  Here's to hoping they'll recode it to be a one time purchase with no online needed for anything and no IAP.  Okay, they can leave the IAP if they want as long as the game's difficulty isn't adjusted to encourage the use of IAP just to get through fights.

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