June 23, 2012

A small update..

Not much to say right now, but I'm trying to get into a better habit of posting.  (Not on a schedule, but just finding the time to organize some thoughts and put them up.)

I've recently read the full available High School of the Dead manga and enjoyed it.  I think I like it better than the anime series, though overall the story is mediocre.  Read all the way through a manwha called School Shock.  Sci-fi series with many echoes of Mahoromatic.  Not bad over all, and looking forward to the next chapter. 

On the anime front, I'm looking forward to tonight's Moretsu Pirates.  Really liking this series overall.  Pacing is a little weird, and needs more indication when more than a week passes in show.  Corpse Princess has been a solid show and I can't wait to finish it up.  And I'm very happy that Rinne no Lagrange 2 is airing soon.

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