January 24, 2014

iOS release of Tales of Phantasia

Oh Namco/Bandai...  you finally release one of the Tales games on iOS, and yet you disappoint me so.  It isn't because of the lack of Retina scaled graphics.  It isn't because the intro movie from the PSP version is grainy.  No, you went and had to modernize the game and release it for free.

Okay, so lets get down to my real problem with the release.  It has daily login bonuses ( today's for example was Drop rate x2 for one hour), and requires an internet connection *AT ALL TIMES* to play the game.  Why does it need this connection?  If I've downloaded a 411 megabyte game, I'm certainly not streaming it from their servers.  Why does it need to connect to save my game?  So what are they using my processing power for behind the scenes?

I did discover that if I got a game started, then put the device in airplane mode, I could play for awhile.  Ultimately, I couldn't save while it was set up this way.  Namco/Bandai,  you need to rethink how this application handles IAP, and internet use.  This could have been a nice 5 to 10 dollar (USD) release and I would have jumped at it. There is a nice little game here, one that I think RPG fans should see.

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