July 29, 2012

Mage Knight - A solo play report

I just wrapped up a two hour play of 'The First Reconnaissance' scenario for Mage Knight - The Board Game.  My initial reactions are jumping between 'omfg, theres so much I don't know about some of the cards' and 'that was pretty damn cool.'   More after the break.
The initial scenario is simple and supposed to be a teaching scenario for new players.  The goal, simply reveal the city tile.  Once you've done that, you simply score your actions during the game and the person with the highest fame score is the 'winner' (though the scenario is a cooperative one).  It took me four turns to find the city, over the course of two days and two nights.  I skipped a fair amount of dungeons, keeps, and ruins and pressed forward to my goal, so my score wasn't as high as I would have liked it. I played using Tovak, and has Norowas as the dummy player.  I managed to get to level 3 before end of game scoring.

I've got more notes I want to type here, but I need to step away.  Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to another play, wether it be solo or with other people.

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